Services of Visus include:

  • Trust formation
  • Trust restructuring, migration and termination
  • Acting as a protector, a member of protectors' committee, a trustee, a member of trustees' committee
  • Obtaining legal advice on legal issues relating to trusts
  • Obtaining tax advice for trusts, beneficiaries of and companies under trusts
  • Management of funds and assets under trusts (if applicable, together with members of the founding family of a trust and asset management companies regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong or government or regulatory authorities of foreign countries or the Mainland of China)
  • Acting as an executor or administrator for estates


Visus aims to achieve the following goals:

  • To protect trust assets of or relating to the Service Users
  • To manage and use the assets of or relating to the Service Users and the income from such assets in manner consistent with the plan and wishes expressed in writing by the relevant Service Users
  • To pass down benefits of the trust assets to future generations or eligible beneficiaries (including charities) designated by the relevant Service Users
  • To encourage, facilitate and supervise donation to charities